Advantages of lipstick and lip gloss.

 Advantages of Lipstick and Lip Gloss.

Correctly applying makeup helps women look younger and more beautiful. The face is decorated not only expressive eyes and lips. Someone prefers lipstick, and someone – lip gloss. But at the first and the second cosmetic product has its pros and cons.Advantages of lipstick and lip gloss.

The dense texture of lipstick on the lips to create a bright and saturated color.

 Each woman will be able to find a suitable color. Presented colors will satisfy the tastes of all fans of this cosmetic product. There lipstick bright colors such as red, crimson. It meets and extravagant of color: purple, gold, black, Manufacturers of cosmetic products are not standing still. Increasingly becoming fashionable lipstick effect Ombre. In a tube of lipstick contains several shades. When applying color fall flat, and the lips are soft and plump. With the help of lip gloss to achieve a similar effect is almost impossible.

To achieve saturated colors with the brightness, too difficult, but give the image of naturalness is not difficult. Lipstick kept on the lips for a long time. Luster is absorbed quickly, Modern lipstick nourish lips skin, protect it from the sun and wind. With the right application, you can even adjust the shape of the lips.

With the help of the light can increase the volume of the lips, and on the plate and mug of such cosmetic products is almost no trace. The special smell of gloss cheer up, mask bad breath.Disadvantages

If lipstick is not very good quality, tender lips skin quickly dry up. The dense texture allows you to outline the contour of the lips well, so any error will be immediately visible. With simple brilliance. Translucent shade hides the uneven application. Cosmetologists believe that regular use of lipstick lips discolor over time. Lipstick fast breaks, and in hot weather it is melted. Because of this lipstick is difficult on a hot summer day. Even the most expensive and accumulate good lipstick on the lips after 2-3 hours after application.

With lipstick can be seen not only the wrinkles around the mouth, but also cracks or peeling of the skin around the lips. The main drawback of lip gloss – tack. To stick sticky lips loose hair, dirt or dust. Doctors believe that attracts the sun shine. Because of this, there are burns. Increased risk of cancer, so the summer is better to buy a product that can protect your skin from the sun.
 Glitter can still cause allergies. 
Gloss finishes quickly. Many brushes are not able to remove the remnants of funds, which accumulate at the bottom of the tube. To gloss applied did not spread, have yet to buy a pencil outline.What to buy: a lipstick or gloss, Lipstick – selection of mature women, because with age the natural lip color fades. Lip Gloss mainly prefers young people. With it you can create a mysterious and seductive image.

Today cosmetics market allows each of the fair sex find a desired product. The correct color of lipstick or gloss will not only give the image of elegance, but especially the ease with which to conquer the world and become easier.Post navigationPrevious PostPreviousStress could help activate brown fatNext PostNextYour guide for the care of skin problems at home

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