Best Natural Make Up Rating and Review.

Best Natural Make Up Rating and Review.

Bare Minerals

The infomercials for bareMinerals have been running for 10 years and I virtually ignored them for many years, passing it off as another skin care rip-off.  But being in bed late at night with a hamstring injury and unable to sleep,  clicked the remote and the bareMinerals infomercial had just started.   I was quite surprised to find it different than most of the infomercials I've seen.  With 30 years in business and 10 years of infomercials and dozens of realistic testimonials and actual demonstrations of all the Bare Escentuals products (not spelled bare essentials) by actual long term users of all ages, including young women, seniors, and aging skin.  The skin care products include their highly rated system: bareMinerals, Warmth and Mineral Veil. Leslie Blodgett is the founder and CEO and does a fantastic job of demonstrating all of the skin products.

Bare Escentuals Cosmetics

Recently Bare Escentuals received the GLAMMY in 2006 for the second time in a row - best foundation product award from Glamour magazine,  based on readers' favorite prestige foundations or skin care lines or skin care systems. That in itself is a great tribute.

One of the things I particularly like is that it's made up only of natural minerals including iron oxides, zinc, titanium, bismuth, and one other mineral and is NOT absorbed into the skin like liquid foundations (a great alternative). It also contains SPF 15 UVA and UVB, which may or may not be good if it blocks the body's ability to make Vitamin D-- so expose your arms and legs to the sun for at least 20 minutes each day to get your daily dose of vitamin D3, that the body will make, which is so important for your skin and body.

As you probably know we have all been slathering chemicals on our skins for years. I don't know whether you've ever given it much thought but we are absorbing these chemicals through our skin, being carried to the bloodstream and then systemically.  Lipsticks are even worse because we've probably eaten dozens of tubes over the years and some have had ingredients that have since been taken off the market. Cosmetic ingredients don't go through the same approval process that drugs do.  In fact, cosmetics don't have to go through the approval process as long as they are using what is on the list of ingredients that are accepted as 'probably safe.'

Liquid foundations are full of chemicals, preservatives, fillers, fragrance, synthetic ingredients, and junk. The preservative methylparaben is particularly dangerous in any cosmetic.  It is a hormone mimicker and should be avoided by anyone with breast cancer or men who have prostate cancer. When it is absorbed through the skin, the body thinks it is estrogen and estrogen, estrogen mimickers and estrogen disruptors are to be avoided at all costs if you have hormone-related cancer.Liquid foundations are heavy, clog pores, cause breakouts, zits, spots, and blemishes. Some say they think its responsible for their acne or rosacea.

The company reports that 76% of the women who have tried it say their skin has improved.  Even acne in some cases. I wonder if that could be because they stopped using the makeup that was causing it or causing it to continue after a breakout. I can't think of any make-up that can report an improvement in the skin from using it and back it up with real users. Anyway, they are very happy with the skin care effects.

The bareMinerals system is also a skincare treatment: it heals and helps and may even cure acne, rosacea, blemishes of all types, redness, breakouts and other skin disorders and skin conditions.  It evens out acne scars which should be very good news to some women, some teens and some men, and fills in pores too, which is a common, usually genetic problem.  It also covers broken capillaries, liver spots, sun spots, some birthmarks, etc. Fine lines and wrinkles are not defined so are less obvious than with liquid or cream foundations.

There is a good starter kit to get people started, which I think is the way to go.  It includes bareMinerals (your choice of 4 shades- light, light with golden tones, beige or medium beige, tan and dark), which is the bare foundation which covers everything. Also, a product called Warmth which is the complexion enhancer, not a bronzer, which they all highly recommended to apply next.  Then the third product is Mineral Veil which is a sheer powder that anyone can wear and is feather light and also fills in or covers spots. It is unlike any powder out there-- made of safe minerals.  This three-part system can be applied in 30 seconds.  There is a particular technique they use by tapping in a little powder into the lid, then taking the Kabuki or sometimes called Buki brush and swirling it around and tapping it on the lid and then brushing all over the face.  You keep brushing to get the coverage you want-- the more brushing the more coverage.  Then Warmth is applied to give your face a glow and then the Mineral Veil.  There are three brushes including a concealer brush.  The concealer brush you would use first to dab on any blemishes, zits, or spots, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, milia, probably scars, etc.   The end result is no shiny face, no cakey look, no demarcation and looks natural but concealed.

 I believe there are some Bare Escentuals Salons around the United States that do have all their products of course. One advantage of buying it locally in a salon or Nordstrom is the fact you can try it on if you're not sure of the color you need. At least in our stores where you can try it on. Just for fun, the next time you see a skin doctor, ask if they know about it. Best Natural Make Up Rating and Review.

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