Foods for Brain

Eating healthy food is necessary not only for the body but also for the mind. Maintaining the mental health is as important as maintaining the physical health; and the brain requires nutrition just like other organs of the body. Proper nutrition allows the brain to function effectively and efficiently and helps in improving memory power and concentration. If the grey matter dries up then the very question of living is put at stake. A perfectly working mind is all that keeps us going,keep reading for Foods for Brain

Some of the brain foods have been cited and discussed below which you can think of including in your daily diet for maximum benefits.1) Wholegrain: The prime thing needed for the brain to function is energy. The ability to concentrate and memorize things comes from adequate energy. Wholegrain are the repertoire of energy and they release glucose into the bloodstream which then circulates to the brain. One should consider opting for multi-grain bread, brown pasta, brown cereals, and granary bread and so on.2) Blueberries: These not only contain high amount of vitamin C and anti-oxidants but are known to cure short term memory lapses. Consumption of blueberries has also proven to be effective in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. Since, these are widely available, there should not be a problem gathering them. This can be consumed in several forms – in salads, as shakes and others.3) Oily fish: Essential fatty acids are extremely beneficial for the body and needs to be consumed from external sources. Oily fishes are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids which are not only beneficial for cardiovascular health but also for a healthy brain. The other sources are soya bean oil, walnut oil, pumpkin seeds and others. Among the various oily fishes include sardines, herring, kippers, and mackerel and so on. They are effective to prevent memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease.4) Tomatoes: Add more amount of tomatoes to your diet. Lycopene is an anti-oxidant which is found in tomatoes and which is extremely effective to combat free radical damage done to brain cells during dementia. They are also known to strengthen memory power as well. Tomatoes can be consumed in the salad form as well, as they have several other advantages.5) Blackcurrants: After blueberries, this is another important food for maintaining a healthy brain. These are a rich source of vitamin C which is known to boost and preserve mental agility. Blackcurrants can be consumed in several forms and this is the reason they are appealing!6) Pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin seeds are required for cooking several dishes and a handful of pumpkin seeds each day can be of immense benefit to the body and the brain. They are a rich source of zinc which is vital for improving thinking skills, memory, and cognitive power. They are useful for the neurological system as well.7) Nuts: Studies have shown that nuts along with other green vegetables, olives, brown rice, asparagus, eggs, and others, are rich source of vitamin E which is very useful in preventing cognitive decline. It also helps to prevent premature death of brain cells that might cause blackouts and memory loss. Your daily diet should include a portion of nuts which would be very useful in serving the purpose.8) Broccoli: This is a rich source of vitamin K which is very essential for enhancing brainpower and improving cognitive function. They also prevent memory lapses and helps in maintaining a healthy brain. Again, broccoli can be consumed in multiple forms – salads, dishes, baked and others. The fiber content has several other benefits as well.
Maintaining the health of the brain is highly important and the above listed food items is all highly effective to do that. However, it must be noted that these should be included in the diet from a very early age and not later, to ensure maximum effects and benefits. Apart from these there are several other foods as well which are equally beneficial for improving memory, concentration power and maintaining a healthy brain, this is the end of this Foods for Brain article, hopefully this article can increase your insight into healthy living, good luck

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